I would like to take out travel cancellation insurance, what do I have to consider?

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Are you thinking about taking out travel cancellation insurance?

We will briefly explain what this insurance covers and what benefits can usually be expected.



What is travel cancellation insurance?

Travel cancellation insurance (abbreviated RRV) can be taken out in the travel insurance segment to avert cancellation costs if a trip has to be canceled at short notice and unexpectedly.



By when does the travel cancellation insurance have to be taken out?

The insurance must be booked no later than 30 days before departure, but can of course also be booked directly when booking the travel service.



What services does travel cancellation insurance cover (insured services)?

(Example from the provider Hanse-Merkur-Reiseversicherung)


In the event of non-commencement of the journey/non-use of the rental object

  • Replacement of the contractually owed cancellation costs for an insured reason
  • Reimbursement of the single room surcharge or reimbursement of the proportionate costs for the double room in the event of partial cancellation


Delayed departure

  • Reimbursement of additional outward journey costs incurred 
  • Reimbursement of unused travel services


When rebooking the trip

  • Reimbursement of rebooking costs for rebooking for an insured reason
  • Reimbursement of rebooking costs up to EUR 30 for rebooking up to 42 days before departure without an insured reason


What insured reasons are there?

Below we have listed some insured reasons as examples:

  • Unexpectedly serious illness
  • Death, serious accidental injury
  • Pregnancy, complications during pregnancy
  • Fracture of prostheses and loosening of implanted joints
  • Vaccination intolerance
  • Organ donation/reception
  • Significant damage (from EUR 2,500) to the property of the insured person
  • Unexpected court summons
  • Adoption of a minor child
  • Termination for operational reasons, short-time work
  • Re-employment after unemployment, job change
  • Student protection: 
    • Repeat examination falls within the insured travel time
    • non-transfer
  • Arrival of a court summons
  • transport delay
  • Illness/death of a dog/cat registered for the trip


Note: Political unrest or travel warnings from the Foreign Office cannot be insured and are not a reason to be insured!



Is there a deductible in the event of an insurance claim?

This depends on the booked tariff. With most insurance companies you can choose between different tariffs - mostly:

  • with 20% deductible
  • no deductible (possibly additional insurance necessary to exclude the deductible - also in the outpatient case)


Note: Please find out more about it, because many insurance companies say "no deductible" for all insured events, with the exception of illnesses treated as outpatients. In this case, the deductible is 20% of the reimbursable damage, but at least EUR 25 per insured person.



What does deductible actually mean?

In the event of a cancellation, e.g. in the case of a tariff with a 20% deductible, 20% of the damage incurred must be borne by yourself. 


Sample calculation: If the trip costs €1,000 and can be canceled for 50%, i.e. €500, according to the cancellation rules, 20% of the €500, i.e. €100, must be paid by yourself. However, if the cancellation costs are €1,000, €200 must be borne.



How much does travel cancellation insurance cost?

The costs are staggered according to the amount of the travel price. Feel free to ask us/Intertours, we will be happy to advise and inform you.



What are the costs if you (as a group) decide not to fly?

If you decide not to fly (for whatever reason), the fare provisions of the group flight according to the order confirmation (airline conditions) apply.

How can I insure the trip?

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