When are service fees charged for cost coverage?

Modified on Wed, 15 Nov, 2023 at 3:41 PM

When booking the hotel service, Intertours will generate a virtual credit card and the costs will be covered by the hotel with the conditions agreed by your company (coverage only overnight stay / incl. breakfast / incl. parking / incl. city tax). From this point on, the service fees for cost coverage are due.

In order to ensure a successful assumption of costs by Intertours, a cross-check of the cost coverage with the hotel is usually carried out again on the day of arrival - for arrivals on weekends already on Fridays.

After the traveler's departure, the transaction will be checked and the hotel service will be charged to the virtual credit card according to the debit. In the case of domestic stays, the original hotel invoices are usually attached to the Intertours receipts. For more information, visit our article When will original hotel invoices be sent?

What if the reimbursement was not successful?

If the coverage at the hotel does not work as planned, our escalation guide Assistance with hotel payment problems is available. Travellers can present this at the hotel and ask them to follow the instructions, Intertours will get back to the hotel within business hours and clarify the facts. Therefore, we ask that all travelers are informed in advance and are provided with the escalation guide from Intertours within your company.

If, despite everything, the traveller pays on site, the hotel service will of course not be charged by Intertours. In such cases, the original hotel invoice must be taken directly by the traveler on site and submitted to your company. The service fees for our services provided in the course of the assumption of costs remain due.

Please note that this is a joint payment processing with the third-party providers and we, as Intertours Reisen und Events GmbH, do everything in our power to ensure that the cost coverage runs smoothly.

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