When will original hotel invoices be sent?

Modified on Wed, 15 Nov 2023 at 03:41 PM

Due to legal requirements, we as an intermediary are not allowed to show the VAT for the hotel service. Accordingly, if costs are covered by Intertours, you will receive the invoice issued by Intertours without VAT or with 0.00 EUR and 0%.

Since we still want to enable our customers to deduct input tax, we request the invoice with your company address from the hotel in the following cases and send it to your billing address stored with us with the onward debit by Intertours:

  • Your company is based in Germany and the hotel stay of your company's traveler was in Germany (hotel accommodation 7% VAT; Breakfast 19% VAT)

Since not all hotels send the invoice (correctly) at the same time, we will make two further attempts to have the invoice corrected for you or to obtain it. If we ultimately do not receive an invoice from the hotel that is suitable for input tax deduction, we must use the debit by the hotel to Intertours to pass it on – unfortunately still without a VAT statement.

In the case of hotel stays abroad, no original hotel invoices are usually sent, as these do not entitle the holder to deduct input tax in Germany. 

If your company is not based in Germany and has travelers with a significant number of hotel stays in the country where your company is based, please feel free to contact us and write your request to billing@intertours.de

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