Why do I have to provide additional data when booking?

Modified on Thu, 25 May, 2023 at 6:26 PM

When booking a business trip, customers are often asked to provide additional information. In this article we would like to explain to you why it is important to provide additional data for business travel bookings. This information is not only used to comply with legal requirements, but also enables the company and the Business Travel Agency (TMC) to ensure an efficient and smooth travel experience.


Travel Policies and Compliance:

Providing additional data when booking a business trip enables companies to comply with their internal travel guidelines and compliance requirements. By providing information such as travel date, destination, budget limits and approved accommodation types, the company can ensure that travel is within established guidelines. This is particularly important to ensure transparency on travel expenses and to facilitate budget management.


Emergency contact and risk management:

Providing additional data such as an emergency contact enables companies and TMCs to react quickly and effectively in the event of unforeseen events during the business trip. For example, an emergency contact can be informed if a flight is canceled or postponed, or if the safety situation at the destination changes. This information is critical to ensure the safety and well-being of the business traveler.


Preferences and Likes:

The provision of additional data enables companies and TMCs to respond to the individual preferences and preferences of business travelers. These include, for example, seat preferences on the plane, hotel preferences or special dietary requirements. By knowing this information, companies and TMCs can adjust bookings accordingly and ensure that business travelers' needs are met in the best possible way.


Trip reporting and billing:

The additional data that is given when booking a business trip is also of great importance for travel reporting and billing. Information such as cost centres, project numbers or cost codes enable companies to allocate expenses precisely and carry out budget management efficiently. Detailed and accurate statements enable companies to analyze expenses, plan budgets and simplify accounting processes.


Customer-specific requirements and service optimization:

Providing additional data enables companies and TMCs to further optimize the service and meet individual requirements. This information can help businesses receive specific services tailored to their needs. For example, preferences for certain airlines, hotel chains or rental car companies can be taken into account in order to provide a personal and tailored travel experience.



Providing additional data when booking a business trip is of great importance. It enables companies and TMCs to comply with travel policies, manage risk, meet individual preferences, accurately bill and optimize service offerings. By providing this information, customers help ensure an efficient and smooth business travel experience.

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