Why are flight reservations disappearing from my Trip Cart?

Modified on Thu, 01 Jun 2023 at 09:44 PM

With low-cost carrier bookings, it can happen that the service disappears from the Trip Cart before check-out. You can think of the Trip Cart as a shopping basket when shopping online, again the booking platform often has a limited period of time for storing items in the shopping basket.

If you still spend time after searching for a flight for other services, it can unfortunately happen that the flight service has been deleted from your Trip Cart and you have to put the flight back into it.

In the case of low-cost carriers, the prices for the desired flight can also change quickly for various reasons:


  • Demand and Supply: Fares are often influenced by demand for specific routes and seat availability. When demand is high and there are only a few spots left, prices go up. Conversely, when demand is low and there are many vacancies, prices can go down. Automated systems and algorithms often adjust prices to keep demand and supply in balance.


  • Yield Management: Airlines use yield management strategies to optimize their revenues. The prices are set based on various factors such as booking time, season, day of the week, public holidays and other variables. The goal is to use the planes as much as possible while generating the highest possible revenue. If the airline determines that demand is high, fares may be raised.


  • Fare structures and ancillary services: Low-cost carriers often offer different fare options that include different services, such as checked baggage, seat reservation, meals on board, etc. Each option has its own price. If you add or remove different options during the booking process, the total price may change accordingly.


  • Dynamic pricing: Airlines also use dynamic pricing to continuously adjust their prices. This may happen due to market conditions, competition, remaining capacity or other factors. Prices are therefore subject to change during the booking process as new information becomes available.


It is important to note that pricing is complex and depends on many factors. It can be frustrating when prices change during the booking process, but it's part of airlines' business strategies to optimize their revenue. It can be helpful to check airfares regularly, compare different options, and then book when you're happy with the price.

A quick booking completion is therefore useful. Other services such as hotel or rental car can be booked afterwards, so don't linger on that, but secure your flight price first.

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