What different apps does "Pay" consist of?

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Intertours Pay consists of the "Admin App" and the "Employee App" and is designed to organize the management of your company's credit cards and transactions efficiently and clearly. Here is a detailed description of the structure and functionality of both applications:



The Admin app serves as a central management interface for administrators or your company's finance team.

Main functions:

Employee administration:

  • Create and manage employee profiles.
  • Assigning credit cards to employees.

Credit card management:

  • Issuing, blocking and managing corporate credit cards.
  • Set spending limits and specific usage rules per card.

Transaction monitoring and management:

  • Overview of all transactions carried out.
  • Categorization and allocation of expenses to specific projects or departments.

Reporting and analysis:

  • Creation of reports to track and analyze expenditure.
  • Monitoring budgets and identifying potential savings.

Accounting activities:

  • Download of statements
  • Export of transactions & receipts

Management of the settings:

  • Setting up the accounting settings
  • Activating modules
  • Setting up integrations

Employee app

The employee app is intended for individual users within the company and gives them access to their credit card information and transaction data.

Main functions:

Display of credit card information:

  • Access to your own credit card details.
  • Check availability and limits.

Transaction management:

  • Insight into transactions made.
  • Upload receipts directly via the app, which simplifies billing and invoicing.

Notifications and warnings:

  • Receive notifications for transactions or security alerts.

Communication with the finance team:

  • Opportunity to talk to the finance team if you have any questions or problems.

Sense and advantages of the system

The separation of administrative and user functions makes the management of credit cards and transactions more efficient and clearer.


Better control: The admin app enables centralized control over credit cards and spending in the company, resulting in improved spending control.

Simplified payroll processes: The simple upload of receipts in the employee app speeds up and simplifies the payroll process.

Transparency: Both administrators and employees have a clear insight into transactions and credit card status, which leads to increased transparency.

Data security: Separate apps ensure more secure handling of sensitive financial information.

User-friendliness: The specific functions for different user groups improve the overall user experience.

In summary, by splitting Intertours Pay into an admin and an employee app, it provides a clear separation of the different areas of responsibility, enabling efficient and secure management of business expenses. This is beneficial as it reduces the administrative burden and allows better control over finances.

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