Which output scenarios does "Pay" represent?

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In today's dynamic business environment, companies are faced with the challenge of finding efficient and cost-effective solutions for managing business travel. "Intertours Pay", an innovative credit card and invoice management system, offers a tailor-made solution that focuses on three central scenarios in travel management: the avoidance of advance payment by the company, the reduction of out-of-pocket expenses by employees and the introduction of a central payment method for travel services.

Avoidance of advance payment by the company

The traditional practice of companies issuing travel expenses to employees in advance is both time-consuming and costly. This approach ties up valuable resources as it requires cumbersome approval, payment and accounting processes. "Intertours Pay" offers an effective solution here by enabling companies to pay travel expenses directly and without prior prepayment. This leads to a significant reduction in administrative hurdles and a more efficient use of resources.

Reduction of expenses by employees

Another common problem in travel management is travel expenses that are pre-financed by employees. This can lead to demotivation, as employees see themselves forced into the role of a lender and there can also be delays in reimbursement. "Intertours Pay" addresses this problem by enabling employees to settle travel expenses directly via the company account. This reduces the financial burden on employees and helps to increase their satisfaction and motivation.

Central payment for travel services

Using a central travel card is an efficient way to simplify payment processes for business trips. Intertours Pay facilitates this practice by providing a central payment card for all travel services. This enables companies to control and manage travel spend more effectively, which in turn leads to more transparent and clearer cost monitoring.

In summary, "Intertours Pay" offers a comprehensive solution that enables companies to reduce complexity in travel management and increase efficiency at the same time. By avoiding prepayment, reducing employee expenses and introducing a central payment method for travel services, "Intertours Pay" helps companies to optimize their travel management processes and thus gain a significant competitive advantage.

Of course, other applications are conceivable, even outside of travel management. Essentially, however, we are focusing on the 3 scenarios shown.

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