What different user roles are there?

Modified on Fri, 01 Dec 2023 at 09:41 AM

User roles are strongly linked to the apps (user interface of Intertours Pay). We therefore also recommend reading the article What different apps does "Pay" consist of?

You can choose from four different user roles to grant access to functions:


Employees only have access to the employee app. This provides them with the wallet, which enables two functions:

  1. Requesting new cards (triggers an approval process).
  2. View of existing cards.

The transactions that are processed from the overview page are displayed next to the wallet.

You also have access to the benefits programs.


Accountants only have limited access to the Admin app. Their scope of authorization includes managing accounting settings, editing accounting-related transaction data, uploading and downloading receipts and exporting transaction data. However, you are not authorized to invite other employees or issue cards.


Admins are given access to the Admin app by owners who define the scope of the authorizations that an admin should have. For example, admins can be assigned maximum amounts for limits when issuing cards. Admins can invite card users and accountants, but not other admins. These can be invited by cardholders.


Owners have unrestricted access to the Admin app, e.g. for inviting employees, issuing cards or changing settings. Only owners can assign the role of owner or admin to other employees. You can define specific authorizations for admins, e.g. regarding the maximum amounts for limits when issuing cards.

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