How do we get users to upload receipts?

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Obtaining receipts is a key challenge in expense management for companies. Often, employees are unreliable in submitting these important documents in a timely manner. This article looks at effective steps companies can take to improve receipt collection collaboration and strategies for dealing with missing receipts.

1. Raising awareness and training

An important first step is to sensitize employees to the importance of document collection. Training can help to raise awareness of the importance of proper receipt management. These training sessions should highlight the consequences of not submitting receipts, both for the company and for the employee themselves.

2. Simplification of the process

The introduction of a user-friendly system for submitting receipts can significantly improve compliance. This could be a digital platform where employees can easily upload receipts via smartphone or computer. Simplifying the process increases the likelihood of employees submitting their receipts on time.

3. Regular reminders

Regular reminders by email or via internal communication systems can be helpful in reminding employees to submit their receipts. These reminders should be worded in a friendly manner and emphasize the importance of submitting them on time.

4. Incentive systems

Introducing incentives can also be an effective method. This could be in the form of small rewards for submitting vouchers on time or in a competition between departments to see who achieves the best submission rates.

5. Consequences of non-submission

Clear consequences should be defined for cases where employees fail to submit receipts despite reminders. This can range from delaying the reimbursement of expenses to disciplinary action, depending on the severity and frequency of the problem.

6. Direct feedback and communication

Direct feedback and open communication are crucial. If an employee repeatedly fails to submit receipts, a personal discussion should be held to understand the reasons and find joint solutions.


Engaging employees in the receipt collection process requires a balanced approach of raising awareness, simplifying the process, communicating regularly, incentivizing and setting clear consequences for non-compliance. With these strategies, organizations can increase the efficiency of their expense management while promoting a culture of accountability and transparency.

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