What billing methods are available?

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With its three billing methods - Go, One and Four - Intertours provides innovative and flexible solutions for corporate travel management. Each of these methods is tailored to specific needs and preferences and offers different benefits.

Go - credit-based variant

The Go method is a credit-based payment option. Companies top up their own bank account linked to the system. All travel expenses are then processed from this credit. This method is particularly suitable for companies that want precise budget control and an immediate overview of costs. As expenses are deducted directly from the credit balance, credit risks are eliminated and companies maintain a constant overview of their expenses.

One - credit limit with one-week payment

With the One method, companies are granted a credit limit with weekly billing. This option offers flexibility for companies that prefer fast and short-term payment processing without having to set the budget in advance. This method is particularly suitable for companies with regular but varying travel expenses that prefer weekly liquidity planning.

Invoicing and debiting takes place via SEPA direct mandate.

Four - Credit limit with monthly payment/debit

The Four method provides a credit limit, with the difference that payments are debited monthly. This method is ideal for companies that prefer a regular and predictable flow of payments. It is particularly suitable for companies with a constant volume of travel that want to efficiently integrate their travel expenses into their monthly financial planning.

Billing and debiting is carried out by SEPA direct mandate.

Recommendation for the selection of methods

The choice of a suitable payment method depends heavily on the structure and specific requirements of the company in question:

For budget-conscious companies: The Go method is ideal as it offers immediate cost control and transparency.

For dynamic companies with changing travel volumes: The One method offers the flexibility needed to respond to short-term changes in travel behavior.

For companies with a regular travel volume: The Four method enables simple and predictable integration of travel expenses into monthly financial planning.

The decision should be based on a thorough analysis of the company's travel behavior and financial processes in order to select the method that best suits the individual needs.

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