How do I select a temporary approver?

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Temporary Approver

Temporary Approver is a handy feature to manage vacation and time off for the approver.Depending on your organization's settings, a temporary approver can be appointed by the approver, otherwise an administrator must appoint the temporary approver.
Let's start with the setting options. This can be found in the Settings - Approval view .

When setting up the approval structure, you must choose how to handle temporary approvers. You have three choices. 

No   = An approver cannot add a temporary approver. 
Only from approvers with same or higher approval limit  = In this case an approver can select from other approvers. 
Yes, from all employees   = The approver can select from any user in the organization.

After this setting is made, there are two ways to add a temporary approver  .

For this option to work, the settings must be either Only from approvers with the same or higher approval limit or Yes, from all employees   .

An admin can always add a temporary approver for each approver, regardless of the Temporary Approver settings. admin can always add a temporary approver for each approver, regardless of the Temporary Approver settings.


  1. Go to Expense Management under Settings and click the Add Temporary Approver  button in the Temporary Approver field  .
  2. Then select  which approver  to   temporarily replace  from the list under Temporary approvers for.You can also search by name here.  Then, under  Temporary Approver, select who will be the temporary approver and click AddYou can also search by name here. 
  3. Now select the start and end date by opening the calendar and specifying the period. Finally, save your  input  . 
  4. Now you have a list of temporary approvers and who they are temporarily replacing for each period. 
  5. If you want to remove a temporary approver now, just right-click the trash can.

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