Why do we even book through a business travel agency?

Modified on Thu, 25 May, 2023 at 6:20 PM

Choosing to book through a Business Travel Agency (TMC) can bring many benefits to companies and business travelers. In this Helpcenter article we would like to show you the reasons why many companies choose to book through a TMC. From optimizing costs and increasing efficiencies to ensuring compliance with travel policies, TMCs offer a variety of business value.


Cost Optimization:

One of the main reasons for booking through a TMC is the opportunity to optimize costs. TMCs have access to extensive travel data and analytics, enabling them to identify low fares and special offers. By using booking tools and negotiating with suppliers, TMCs can achieve lower prices for flights, hotels and other travel services. The combined purchasing power of a TMC makes it possible to achieve attractive discounts and advantages for companies.


Increase in efficiency:

Booking via a TMC simplifies the entire booking process and increases efficiency for companies. TMCs provide user-friendly booking platforms and tools that enable business travelers to plan and book their trips quickly and easily. By centralizing the booking process, time-consuming tasks such as finding suitable options and managing travel documents are minimized. This allows employees to concentrate on their actual tasks and saves valuable working time.


Compliance with travel guidelines:

Travel policy compliance is critical for organizations to control spending and ensure transparency around travel expenses. TMCs play an important role in monitoring and enforcing travel policies. You can set up bespoke booking platforms that integrate specific policies and approval workflows. This ensures that employees only book within the specified guidelines and that companies have full control over their travel expenses.


24/7 support and emergency management:

Another key benefit of booking through a TMC is access to 24/7 support. TMCs offer a personal customer service that is available for questions, changes or problems during the trip. In addition, TMCs have dedicated emergency management teams that can provide quick solutions in emergencies such as natural disasters or travel disruptions. This gives business travelers an extra level of security and confidence.


Travel Reporting and Analysis:

A TMC can provide comprehensive travel reporting and analytics that give businesses valuable insight into their travel spend. Detailed reports and dashboards enable companies to track expenses, identify trends and better plan budgets. This data can be used to adjust travel policies, negotiate with suppliers and improve overall travel management efficiency.



Booking through a TMC offers businesses a wide range of benefits, including cost optimization, increased efficiency, compliance with travel policies, 24/7 support and emergency management, and comprehensive travel reporting and analysis. By using the services of a TMC, companies can effectively control their travel expenses, simplify the booking process and optimize the experience for their business travelers.

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