How do I book a flight?

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Booking process and innovations

See how easy it is to book a flight in this short video

This click-through guide will give you more insight into the booking options.

In the new UI, the layout of the flight results page has been improved for a sleeker, clearer, and more uncluttered look. Three quick filters have been introduced above to help you easily sort your flight results. With the switch "In policy" you can only display the flights that correspond to your travel policy.

In addition, the price options area has been completely redesigned. You can select the cabin class as well as the required fare per leg/segment without first having to scroll through all the available options. It also provides information such as baggage allowance, cabin class and policy compliance at a glance:

How do I rebook my flight?

A rebooking directly via the platform is not possible. With booked low-cost carriers, you often have the option of rebooking directly via their homepage. In all other cases, please contact the service team, who will inform you of any fees that may apply and carry out the rebooking. You can find out whether the flight can be rebooked on your booking confirmation.

How do I cancel my flight?

In your trip cart you can cancel the entire trip using the three dots or remove individual services using the trash can symbol.

You may receive a message that the service cannot be cancelled. This can be the case, in particular, for flights for which a ticket has already been issued. 

In this case, please contact the service team to clarify the possibilities of cancellation. 

What filter options do I have when booking my flight?

On the left side you have numerous options to narrow down the search for the right flight.

You can search for flight numbers by typing in the number of the flight, with or without an airline code.

The price range can be limited using the slider.

You can also choose whether it should be a non-stop flight.

And the preferred airlines can simply be ticked

You can also use the sliders to determine the desired departure and arrival times down to the minute.

The same applies to the flight duration.

If a city has several airports, the desired airport can be clicked here.

Where can I find the fare conditions of my flight?

Under "Pricing Options" you can view the various fares for your chosen flight. You can see at a glance which fare includes baggage. For more detailed information, for example on rebooking or cancellation options, please see the "Fare rules". 

You can also see the clearly presented rebooking and cancellation conditions in your trip cart under "Price Breakdown". 

How do I reserve a seat on my flight?

If the airline offers the option of reserving a seat before check-in, you can do so at the end of the booking process. Under Extras you will find the category "Seating".

Here you select a seat for the respective route by clicking on it. The price for the selected seat is shown graphically on the seat and an agenda shows you which seats can be booked and what specifications they have. After you have chosen the seats for all routes, click on "Save". Seats are temporarily reserved and will not be confirmed until the flight is booked and issued.

How do I book a flight with luggage?

It is not possible to filter for fares that include checked baggage right at the beginning of the search query. First, please start a search query for a flight and select the flight that suits you from the offers. Don't add it to your Trip Cart just yet. First click on "Pricing Options". A window will now open showing you all the available tariffs.

If you only want to add a piece of baggage to your fare on one route, or if you need additional pieces of baggage, you can book this in the Trip Cart under Extras "Baggage". The price is added directly to the total price and can be viewed in detail in the "Price Breakdown".

How do I book a one-way/open jaw flight?

You will find the option directly in the flight search and can select the different types.

An open jaw / multi-city flight is a type of flight ticket where the journey is not direct from A to B, but goes via a third city C.

Open jaw flights can be a great way to travel more flexibly and visit different places, but it's important to check conditions when booking and consider any additional fees for using these options.

For open jaw flights, you can add more routes with "+ Add another flight" or remove them with "x". On each route you have the option to select "Via" if the flight is to go through a specific airport

Important: You can define up to five segments (city pairs) for a multi-city search using the method above. Any connections in flights that have been selected - either using the "Via" option or simply by selecting flights in the results screen - do not count towards the five segment limit. The five segment limit only applies to the "+ Add another flight" in the search screen.


If you entered too many segments, click the "x" on the right to remove the unneeded target.

What is the difference between "Complete trip" and "By schedule?

This option is available for Round Trip, One Way and Multi-City search.  

By default, "Complete Trip" is selected for all itinerary types. 

The "Complete Trip" option displays your results as a list of packages, where each package contains all the segments to form your complete itinerary. 

"By Schedule" will display individual segments in your results. You choose the flight that best suits your traveler's needs for the first segment, then choose the flight for the second segment (for round trip) and for all subsequent segments individually (for multi-city). You can also switch between cabin classes here.

After selecting the outbound flight, you will be presented with the following return flight selection screen:

In the next step, the best price option for your flight selection is calculated, the selected fare types are retained and the cheapest alternative is also offered.

See "Additional pricing options" for more pricing options.

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