What is not allowed in (hand) luggage: handling liquids and dangerous objects?

Modified on Wed, 17 May 2023 at 08:46 PM

For security reasons, there is a uniform format for liquids in hand luggage for travel within the EU and EU connecting flights. 



  • Containers/jars with liquids and gel-like products can hold up to 100 ml (printed maximum capacity!!) 
  • A plastic bag (transparent, resealable, max. 1 liter) per person for all products, this will be presented separately at the security check.
  • Liquid duty-free goods are exempt if sealed (retain proof of purchase)


In addition, security on board must be guaranteed, which is why some items may not be carried in hand luggage:


Dangerous Items 


Certain items may be carried conditionally: 

ONLY allowed in hand luggage: 

  • e-cigarettes
  • Lithium-ion replacement battery power banks 


EASA Lithium Battery and Dangerous Articles Informational Video:


Note that: 

  • the restrictions on liquids in hand luggage also apply to the specified items 
  • Certain items are not allowed in carry-on baggage but are allowed in checked baggage. These items must be removed if carry-on baggage cannot be accommodated in the cabin


There has also been a new security rule for flights to the USA since June 2018: 

Powder or powder-like substances with a total volume of more than 350 ml are no longer permitted in hand luggage. 

Amounts below this are permitted, but may also be excluded from being carried in hand luggage, e.g. B. if there are doubts about the identity of the substance. Intertours recommends that all passengers traveling to the USA either refrain from taking powder or powder-like substances with them or pack them in their checked baggage.


Since the regulations can change at short notice for given reasons, please contact the operating airline for information shortly before departure.

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