How do I build an organizational structure?

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The basis for the approval structure is primarily the organizational structure. In short, building an organizational structure is about two things. The first step is to set up the tree, and second, connect users to the tree. The organizational structure is also called departments, a term we will use in this article. In this article, we will show you how to build an organizational structure for your organization in Intertours Expense.


So let's start with the organizational structure, the establishment of the departments. 


Go into administration mode and select Settings My Organization Organization Structure from  the menu.


When you visit the organizational structure for the first time, only your organization is displayed there, in our case Intertours test. By pressing the plus symbol to the right of your organization, you can start naming your departments. In this example, we have called the departments Intertours Test subsidiary.



It is also possible to add a subdivision by clicking on the plus icon to the right of any department. Here we have extended Intertour's test subsidiary by the example department as subdivisions.


If you are satisfied with the organizational structure, choose the tax liability for each department. Don't forget to save.


Tax liability

In each department, you have three options. In principle, you can choose at departmental level whether VAT should be deductible or not.

  • Inherit from category = The VAT rules are determined by the category's settings for each expense.
  • Non-deductible sales tax = The settings for the category are overwritten when a user who belongs to a department with these settings registers an output.
  • Deductible VAT = The settings for the category are overwritten when a user who belongs to a department with these settings registers an output.


The user

The next step is to connect users to each department. Select Users from the left menu  . Then click the users you want to connect to a department. Click the Department field and select which department this user should belong to.


When you're done connecting users to a department, you can see which department each user belongs to in the user list. You may need to manage via columns of the table, add the column Department.


And now you're done!

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