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Helpful Functionalisties

There are many great features in Intertours Expense and in this article we have selected some of them that we want to highlight as we believe are very useful. We also provide examples of how these features are used to make it easier to use and provide you with an even better experience. 


As an admin it is possible to create automatic reminders to be sent by the system to the users when they want to share different types of information. You can send it to all users or limit it to users and approvers who have something on their to-do list. Reminders are sent both by email and by phone. 

Some examples/tips for creating reminders:

  • Remind all users to submit their expense reports by a specific date to ensure they receive payment for their next salary.

  • Remind all approvers (who have reports on their to-do lists) to approve them.

  • Notify users of a new/changed process related to expense management in your organization.

  • Remind users to report their healthcare expenses before the end of the year. 

  • Remind approvers to add temporary approvers ahead of upcoming holidays and other types of vacation. 

  • Etc.  

To create a reminder, go to Settings - Reminders. Click add reminder.

Enter a reminder title (which will become the subject line in the email) and a message

Select the date and time to send the reminder. 

Choose how often you want the reminder to repeat (every day, every week, every other week, or every month). You can also choose not to repeat the reminder.

Lastly, choose who to send the reminders to (all users in the organization, users with undelivered reports, or approvers with ongoing tasks). Click Save. 

Repeat the process to create more reminders. You can create as many as you like.

If you want to make changes, just click on the reminder and then click Edit. If you want to remove the reminder, click DeleteYou can also turn off the reminder in the top left corner / Break.

accounting report

In the system you can create a balance sheet report for the organization. The report contains all the data for the expense reports that have been submitted since the organization was created in Intertours Expense. It is possible to create a report for a selected period only. 

When the report is created, you can start filtering, sorting, removing columns, adding your own columns, etc. Therefore, this report can be useful for many purposes - for example, to track a specific spend category or dimension, to compare different costs centers, etc. It can also be useful when data is needed for environmental reporting (looking at mileage, trips, etc.).

On the Dashboard tab, go to the organization and the Accounting Report fieldAdd the From and To dates and choose whether or not to include unsubmitted reports. Then click Create Report.

When the report is generated, you will receive an email informing you that the report is available for download. Go to Organization and Dashboard tab, check the box on the left to download the file. 

Share function on the iPhone

There are several ways to get a receipt for the Intertours Expense app. You can take a picture of it, pick it up from your library, or forward it from your email. However, there is another way that not everyone knows and that is using the Share feature in the phone. You can find the instructions here.

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