How do I manage reminders?

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Manage reminders


The reminder feature allows you to create individual reminders that you want to send within the organization. These reminders are sent as a push notification (in the phone app), but also via email and as a notification within the expense management platform. In this article, we'll show you how to create and edit reminders.


Activate a new reminder

At the organization level, in the menu on the left, go to Settings and

Memories. To create a new reminder, press Add reminder.


Now it's time to adjust what kind of reminder you want to send:

  • Commemorative title – What kind of title do you want for your memory.
  • Message – What kind of message do you want to send to users.
  • Date/time to send the reminder – Select the date and time you want the reminder to be sent.
  • Repeat – Here you have the following options to repeat the reminder:  Do Not Repeat, Every day, Every week, Every other week,  and  Every month.

  • Send To – Here you have three types of options for who within the organization to send the reminder to: 
    • All users in the organization
    • Users with undelivered reports
    • Approvers with tasks in progress.

If you send the reminder to all users in the organization, the reminder is sent to all users who have been added as users in the organization. Users with unsubmitted reports mean that the reminder goes to users who have reports lying around that have never been submitted before. Note that if a report has already been submitted and rejected,
there will be no
 notification in this case  . The approver option (with reports in their to-do list) means that reminders are sent to users who need to manage reports in their to-do list, for example, this can be a report to be approved.

When you've made all the reminder settings you're happy with, save the reminder to turn it on.


How will the reminder reach the user?

If the user has activated emails from the Intertours Expense platform (this is selected in his personal settings in his private mode), he will receive an email with the reminder. You will also receive a push notification (if enabled) in your Intertours Expense app and also as a message at Notifications in the user's private mode on the platform.


Disable, delete, or edit the reminder

You can disable the reminder by clicking the "On/Off switch" in the upper left corner of the reminder window. This feature is good if you want to enable the same reminder later. To make changes to an existing reminder, click Edit in the lower-right corner.To delete the entire reminder, press Delete on the left side of the Edit button


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