Why should your data always be up-to-date?

Modified on Wed, 24 Jan 2024 at 10:42 AM

With the start of a new year, reviewing employee profile data is coming into focus, especially for travel managers who rely on smooth business travel. Our booking portal plays a central role in ensuring that profile data is always up-to-date and accurate. In addition, Intertours Content AI helps review and update travel policies to ensure they meet current standards.

1. Accuracy and timeliness of data for smooth planning

Employee profile data is the foundation of any successful business trip planning. Only with accurate and up-to-date information can travel managers act efficiently. As the year begins, it is therefore crucial to ensure that all details, from personal details to passport information, are up to date. The Intertours booking portal allows for central management and quick updating of this data.

2. Compliance with regulations and guidelines

Companies face various regulations and policies in the field of business travel. This includes tax requirements, security regulations and compliance requirements. By regularly reviewing profile data, companies can ensure that their employee journeys are always in line with current standards and regulations.

3. Efficient travel planning and cost control

The quality of profile data has a direct impact on the efficiency of travel planning. Incomplete or outdated information can lead to incorrect bookings, delays and additional costs. At the beginning of the year, travel managers should ensure that all the necessary data is available and correct to ensure smooth business travel planning.

4. Ensure employee safety

In today's globalized world, employee safety is a key aspect of business travel. Verifying profile data allows companies to act quickly in the event of an emergency and protect their employees in the best possible way.

5. Review and update travel policies with Intertours Content AI

The Intertours Content AI helps companies review their travel policies and adapt them to current requirements. Through intelligent analytics and automated processes, new policies can be created or existing ones can be adapted. This helps to ensure that travel policies are always up to date with current standards and meet the needs of the company.


Overall, the holistic review of profile data and travel guidelines at the beginning of the year underlines the need for precise and up-to-date business travel planning.

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